W+R Herakles Rope Glove

The W+R Herakles is certified to EN388:2016 and EN407:2004 and has been developed for abseiling/rappelling as well as for general rope work. This glove is characterised by its perfect fit, high abrasion levels and longevity. It features state-of-the-art leather technology such as the highly abrasion resistant Keratan leather which is integrated into the gloves palm.  
Outside of glove
The back of the glove, cuff and back of thumb areas are made from high quality coyote-coloured Nomex for reduced peeling and lightweight cut-resistance. The 3D soft protector is made from energy-absorbing micro foam with memory function, it is ergonomically adapted to the knuckles and back of the glove for a perfect fit. 
The palm section of the glove is made from high performance, black goat leather which is smooth, breathable and robust. It has been ergonomically adapted to the shape of the hand for easy hand flexing and high levels of tactility.  The surface features a special diamond-print which increases the friction level. An integrated slip-on aid and Velcro fastener on the back of the wrist, allows easy donning and removal of the glove. The index finger and thumb are both touchscreen capable. 

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Product NameProduct CodeSizeColourCertification
W+R Herakles Rope GloveWR9100-163-7SBrownEN388:2016 EN407:2004
W+R Herakles Rope GloveWR9100-163-8MBrownEN388:2016 EN407:2004
W+R Herakles Rope GloveWR9100-163-9LBrownEN388:2016 EN407:2004
W+R Herakles Rope GloveWR9100-163-10XLBrownEN388:2016 EN407:2004
W+R Herakles Rope GloveWR9100-163-11XXLBrownEN388:2016 EN407:2004