RPM Shackles

The RPM System is a high strength, modular pulley and shackle system that gives a 4:1 mechanical advantage and increased efficiency when lifting, lowering, moving and controlling a load.

It can be used to haul or lower, supplies or personnel from either end of the rope system and is strong enough for heavy work such as pulling All-Terrain-Vehicles out of ditches.

The compact design makes it suitable for applications with restricted headroom, such as Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), silo/manhole rescue and use with tripods.

A range of different cartridges fit the modular RPM bodies. A single sheave cartridge accepts a single rope of up to 16mm diameter, or two 11mm ropes. A double sheave cartridge accepts an 11mm rope reeved twice. The Rigging Plate cartridge allows additional components to be rigged above or below an RPM body.

The Twin Body RPM allows complex rigging set ups such as backed up trolley systems with lifting and lowering capacity.

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