Teufelberger KM III 11mm

The KM III is static rope for rappelling, caving, rescue, top roping, fixed rope applications, hauling, and life safety applications. 
The rope is constructed from a polyamide core and a polyester cover which reduces rope rotation, bouncing and stretch. The polyester sheath gives the rope protection from ultraviolet light and chemicals.  A thirty-two strand cover means this rope has superior handling and high tensile strength as well as protection against abrasion and cutting. 
Superior handling and a weight balanced construction make this a solid rescue rope. 
  • Weight-82g/m | 0.055 lbs/ft
  • Stretch- 1.8% (50-150kg) | (110.23-330.69lbs)
  • Standard- EN1891 Type A
  • NFPA and CE certified
  • Shrinkage - <5%
It comes in black, orange, green and white. 

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Product NameProduct CodeLengthColour
Teufelberger KM III 11mmTBC3304-14-0015045mBlack
Teufelberger KM III 11mmTBC3304-14-0020060mBlack
Teufelberger KM III 11mmTBC3304-14-0030091mBlack
Teufelberger KM III 11mmTBC3304-14-00600182mBlack
Teufelberger KM III 11mmTBC3301-14-0015045mRed
Teufelberger KM III 11mmTBC3301-14-0020060mRed
Teufelberger KM III 11mmTBC3301-14-0030091mRed
Teufelberger KM III 11mmTBC3301-14-00600182mRed