REBS Carbon Ladder

Developed in close cooperation with the Norwegian Forces, strength, robustness and weight are key features of this lightweight, rigid section ladder. The Carbon Ladder is delivered in 1.7m sections or 0.7m half sections. Depending on the hook used in conjunction with the ladder, the system can reach up to 11m. The total length is acheived by connecting the Hook, Top Adapter, five section of ladder, one half section and the 1.5m Wire Ladder. Each section is built from wound carbon fibre with reinforced gussets around each step whilst the outer layer is Kevlar fibre for impact resistance. Ladder sections are coated in Purapaint for maximum durability. 

System Overview:

  • Carbon Fibre Ladder Section 1.7m
  • Ladder Half Section and Optional Single Step
  • Hook Dual/Titanium/Tactical (Any hook depending on top adapter)
  • Hook 9.5" Carbon Fibre
  • Top Adapter V.2
  • Top Adapter Tactical
  • Wire Ladder 1.5m
  • Flexi Adapter Middle
  • Bag 


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The tubing is filled with a closed cell foam core which allow the steps to act as a flotation device and gives the ladder neutral buoyancy. The anti-slip material means the steps have good grip for both hands and feet.
Product NameProduct CodeColourSection Weight
REBS Carbon Ladder Element 1.7mHKBE001679Black2.4kg
REBS Half Ladder SectionHKBE002551Black -
REBS Single StepHKBE001680Black-
REBS Carbon Fibre 9.5 Inch HookHKBE002436Black-
REBS Top Adapter V2HKBE003072Black-
REBS Top Adapter Tactical HKBE004520Black-
REBS Flexi Adapter MiddleHKBE005880Black-
REBS BagHKBE003342Black-