Helix Personal Escape System (PES)

The Helix Personal Escape System is a modular, lightweight and low volume micro rope system that gives users the capability to quickly descend or egress from a position. The system can be used for both personal descent, and to lower a single operator or load. This system has been specifically designed for military, law enforcement and emergency personnel to perform an emergency escape across all environments and operational theatres. The system has been designed for fast deployment, intuitive to use and have minimal training burden.

The system contains the necessary equipment to do the following: 
  • Construct anchor points in a wide number of environments using a minimal amount of equipment. 
  • Protect the rope from damage. 
  • Descend or lower personnel up to 23m.
  • Ascend the rope. 
The system is certified to EN341:2011/2D European standard for descent systems and ANSI Z359.4-2013 American standard for fall protection and fall restraint and has also passed additional, harsher testing that simulated worse case scenarios with heavily laden operators. 

Key Features
  • System contains a pre-rigged descent/lowering system. This uses 23m of 5.5mm heat resistant aramid rope with a rigging carabiner, a rope protector and an auto-locking load limiting rope controller all attached and ready to deploy. 
  • Extra rigging equipment included: An ANSI rated rescue hook and aramid sling that increase the options for creating safe anchor points. 
  • Ascent system: A rope ascender with an integral pulley pre-rigged onto a carabiner and foot loop that together allow the user to ascend the rope. The system supplied allows a fast transition between descent, ascent and back again. 
  • Storage/carriage: The system is packed in a molle pouch solution that integrates with current issue webbing. The components are supplied vacuum packed inside the pouch system to minimise maintenance and protect the components from the elements prior to initial use. 
  • Train the Trainer and Train the Operator courses are available to support the product. 
The complete 23m system weighs 1600g and is contained in two 17cm x 10cm x 5cm molle pouches. 
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Protecttion Wind Escapattor [{ "Product Name": "Protecttion Wind Escapattor", "Product Code": "TTWE23M", "Rope Length": "23m", "Rope Diameter": "5.5mm", "Weight": "920g*", "Colour": "Black", "Conformance": "EN 341D:2011 and ANSI Z359.4-2013" },{ "Product Name": "Protecttion Wind Escapattor", "Product Code": "TTWE50M", "Rope Length": "50m", "Rope Diameter": "5.5mm", "Weight": "-", "Colour": "Black", "Conformance": "EN 341D:2011 and ANSI Z359.4-2013" },{ "Product Name": "Protecttion Wind Escapattor", "Product Code": "TTWE100M", "Rope Length": "100m", "Rope Diameter": "5.5mm", "Weight": "-", "Colour": "Black", "Conformance": "EN 341D:2011 and ANSI Z359.4-2013" }]
  • A micro egress system that is very intuitive, simple to use in adverse conditions, fast to deploy, auto locking and load limiting.
  • The system is based around a handled rope controller which is pre-loaded onto a 5.5mm Technora aramid rope.
  • Two important safety features are incorporated into the system - load limiting and autoblock on release.
  • The Protecttion Wind Escapattor is the basis of a modular micro rope system that can be built up with additional rigging and ascent components to create a versatile capability.
  • The 5.5mm rope is constructed from 100% Technora which is an aramid fibre that gives high level of protection from both ambient and direct heat up to 500 degrees Celsius.
  • A handled, load limiting, auto-blocking rope controller that incorporates a dual anti-panic function, is pre-installed onto the rope ready to deploy.

    Protecttion Wind Escapattor

    Auto-locking descent device that is very compact and light. 

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    CTOMS Quickie Ascender [{ "Product Name": "CTOMS Quickie Ascender", "Product Code": "CT47001", "EAN": "", "Colour": "Black", "Weight": "100g", "Rope Diameter": "6.5mm", "Certification": "" }]
    • Multi-function device
    • Lightweight
    • Deployable in seconds

      CTOMS Quickie Ascender

      The CTOMS  Quickie Ascender is a rope grab with an integrated pulley that is used for ascending and hauling in the TRACE system
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      SuperFabric Rope Protector [{ "Product Name": "SuperFabric Rope Protector", "Length of Pad": "500mm", "Width of Pad": "80mm", "Tab Dimensions": "50 x 13mm", "Cord Loop Length": "200mm", "Colour": "Black" }]
      • Outer layer is constructed from 600D Cordura
      • Inner layer is constructed of Penta 83/21 SuperFabric 600D Polyester
      • 1cm wide velcro hook and loop closure

        SuperFabric Rope Protector

        A 50cm long rope protector that uses multiple layers of SuperFabric and Cordura. 

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        Lightning GT Rescue Hook [{ "Product Name": "Lightning GT Rescue Hook", "Product Code": "STHWHOOKLG", "Weight": "227g", "MBS ": "13.5kN", "Colour": "Black" }]

          Lightning GT Rescue Hook

          Secure and rapid remote anchoring. 

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          Petzl Foot Tape [{ "Product Name": "Foot Tape", "Product Code": "PZC47A", "Weight ": "65g", "Colour": "Black" }]

            Petzl Foot Tape

            Adjustable foot loop with height-adjustable elastic to keep the foot in the loop. 

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            { "colour": "#6d6f71 " }
            { "colour": "#1f2323 " }
            Phantom [{ "Product Name": "Phantom Screwgate", "Product Code": "A312MG", "EAN": "5031290212236", "Colour": "Matt Grey", "Dimensions": "54 x 94mm", "Weight": "42g", "MBS (Major Axis)": "24kN", "MBS (Minor Axis)": "9kN", "MBS (Gate Open)": "9kN", "Gate Opening (X)": "15mm", "Certification": "EN 362:2004 B, EN 12275:2013 B" }]
            • Personal Locking Carabiner for versatility and low weight
            • Offset D carabiner for optimal loading and ergonomics
            • Keylock nose eliminates snagging
            • I-Beam construction for optimum strength to weight ratio


              A very lightweight locking carabiner that helps minimise rack weight.

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              Aramid Sling [{ "Product Name": "Aramid Sling", "Product Code": "ED717570900170", "Length": "90cm", "Diameter": "6mm", "Load Capacity": "22kN", "Weight": "22g", "Colour": "Black" }]

                Aramid Sling

                A compact yet strong Aramid sewn sling. 

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