Military & Tactical Pitons & Hooks

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Black Diamond Cliffhanger [{ "Product Name": "Black Diamond Cliffhanger", "Product Code": "BDCLIFF", "Weight ": "42g", "Length": "63.5mm", "Colour": "Black" }]
  • Hooking small to medium flakes, edges and rugosites, the cliffhanger is an indispensable tool on necky aid lines.
  • Chiselled point and flat tip for stability.
  • Bi-pod base to reduce rotation.

    Black Diamond Cliffhanger

    Designed to enhance stability on tiny flakes and edges. 

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    Black Diamond Grappling Hook [{ "Product Name": "Black Diamond ", "Product Code": "BD GRAPP", "Weight ": "67g", "Length": "76.2mm", "Colour": "Black" }]
    • Slightly oversized, for hooking larger edges and flakes than the Cliffhanger, the Grappling Hook's wide bidpod is remarkably stable, even on small edges.

      Black Diamond Grappling Hook

      A larger sized hook for wrapping flakes and big edges. 

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      Black Diamond Talon [{ "Product Name": "Black Diamond Talon", "Product Code": "BDTALON", "Weight ": "48g", "Colour": "Black" }]
      • Three-in-one aid hook.
      • Increased stability due to extra broad base.
      • Covers edges and holes from 4.8mm to 13mm.

        Black Diamond Talon

        Three-in-one aid hook. 

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        Lost Arrow Piton [{ "Product Name": "Lost Arrow Piton 1 ", "Product Code": "BD5205001", "Thickness": "4mm", "Weight": "56g", "Colour": "Black" },{ "Product Name": "Lost Arrow Piton 2 ", "Product Code": "BD5205002", "Thickness": "6.3mm", "Weight": "70g", "Colour": "Black" },{ "Product Name": "Lost Arrow Piton 3 ", "Product Code": "BD5205003", "Thickness": "7.9mm", "Weight": "84g", "Colour": "Black" },{ "Product Name": "Lost Arrow Piton 4", "Product Code": "BD5205004", "Thickness": "9.5mm", "Weight": "99g", "Colour": "Black" },{ "Product Name": "Lost Arrow Piton 5", "Product Code": "BD5205005", "Thickness": "4.7mm", "Weight": "84g", "Colour": "Black" },{ "Product Name": "Lost Arrow Piton 6 ", "Product Code": "BD5205006", "Thickness": "6.3mm", "Weight": "99g", "Colour": "Black" },{ "Product Name": "Lost Arrow piton 7", "Product Code": "BD5205007", "Thickness": "7.6mm", "Weight": "114g", "Colour": "Black" }]
        • Lightweight for their strength and size.
        • Numbered for quick identification.

          Lost Arrow Piton

          Tough and lightweight for medium sized cracks. 

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