Petzl William

The lightweight Petzl William is a large-capacity asymmetrical carabiner made of aluminum. It has a pear shape that is practical for easily connecting multiple items. Its fluid interior design and Keylock system facilitate handling. 
Available in three locking systems: automatic Triact-Lock or Ball-Lock, or the manual Screw-Lock.
  • Triact-Lock: automatic locking with triple-action gate opening.
  • Ball-Lock: automatic locking with triple-action gate opening, with lock indicator.
  • Screw-Lock: the manual screw-lock with red band provides a visual warning when the carabiner is unlocked.

Certification(s): CE EN 362, EAC, NFPA 1983 Technical Use.


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This facilitates connection of multiple items and allows a munter hitch to be easily created in case of retreat.
Product NameProduct CodeGateColourMajor Axis StrengthMinor Axis StrengthOpen Gate StrengthGate Opening
Petzl WilliamPZM36A TLTriact-LockGrey27kN8kN8kN27mm
Petzl WilliamPZM36A BLBall-LockGrey27kN8kN8kN27mm
Petzl WilliamPZM36A SLScrew-LockGrey27kN8kN8kN28mm
Petzl WilliamPZM36A TLNTriact-LockBlack27kN8kN8kN27mm
Petzl WilliamPZM36A SLNScrew-LockBlack27kN8kN8kN28mm
Petzl WilliamPZM36A TLYTriact-LockGold27kN8kN8kN27mm
Petzl WilliamPZM36A BLYBall-LockGold27kN8kN8kN27mm