Harken CMC Clutch

The 11mm CMC Clutch by Harken Industrial is a multi-purpose device for hauling, controlled lowering, smooth personal descent, easy ascending and reliable progress capture - it is the latest evolution in rescue and rope access hardware that enables the technical rope professional to do more with less.
Suited to a multitude of rigging operations, the CLUTCH delivers efficient operation, ease of use, and optimal control. It moves seamlessly between anchor-based systems and personal use.  
  • The Clutch is a single device that offers efficient hauling, controlled lowering, smooth personal descent, easy ascending, belaying, and Dual Capability Twin Tension Rope Systems.
  • The Clutch offers a 38% increase in efficiency when hauling and ascending compared to a cam-style device.
  • It allows a seamless transition between anchor-based systems and personal use thus doing the job of multiple pieces of equipment.
  • Combines the key features of load management devices and personal descenders into one device helping to minimise training burdens and cost.
  • Very fast transitions between hauling and lowering or ascent and descent without having to transfer the load.
  • The body design allow two devices to be run side by side so allowing main and belay lines to be twin-tensioned in mirrored or nested configurations. 
  • Replaces up to 8 pieces of traditional equipment: pulley, anchor plate, rescue rack, load release strap, prusik cord, and 3 carabiners.
Certifications For 11mm (Grey Version):
NFPA 1983 (2017 Ed)
General Use (G) Mbs 40kn (8,992 Ibf) Pulley
General Use (G), Descent Control, 10.5 – 11 mm
General Use (G), Belay Device, 10.5 – 11 mm
EN 12841: 2006/C
EN 341: 2011/2a
EN 15151-1: 2012/8

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Provides a secure rope holding and audible progress capture.
Product NameProduct CodeWeightDimensionsRope DiameterMaximum LoadColourCertification
Harken CMC ClutchHRIN401836g / 1.84lbs 208 x 112 x 47mm / 8.2 x 4.4 x 1.9in10.5–11mm / 7-16in272kg / 600lbsGraphite EN 12841:2006/C, EN 341:2001/2A, EN 15151-1: 2012/8