Polo Micro Pulley

The DMM Micro Pulley is suitable for EOD loop line kits and compatible with our XSRE carabiners and a range of small cords from 2mm - 6mm. Rated at 15kN, measuring 48mm x 23mm x 12mm, and weighing just 17grams it may be one of the smallest and lightest full-strength pulleys available.
During the advanced stages of the design process, it became obvious that by using DMMs manufacturing techniques, such as hotforged side plates it would be possible to make this pulley much stronger than the initial requirement, so strong in fact that it would pass the requirement to be classed as a PPE pulley under EN 12278. 
The centre hole is compatible with an XSRE Carabiner* to create a becket, the hole is also rope friendly so 6mm cords and smaller can tie in directly to further shorten systems. The main attachment point is suitable for use with a wide range of full strength PPE rated carabiners. The Igus pulley sheave accepts 2 - 6mm cords making it ideal for EOD and hauling operations whilst remaining extremely compact. It is compatible with our XSRE range of carabiners as well as fitting comfortably onto several full-strength carabiners within our range.
The Polo Micro Pulleys can be stacked on pip pins to create multi sheave pulleys. 

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Product NameProduct CodeColourWeightDimensionsMBSRope CompatibilityConformance
Polo Micro PulleyPUL600Matt Grey17g48 x 23 x 12mm15kN2mm-6mmEN12278