Lost Arrow Piton

Pitons are a semi-permanent type of anchor that are ideal for setting up lines for repeated ascent, descent or hauling. They are basically metal nails of various shapes and sizes that are hammered into cracks or weaknesses in the rock. 

The Lost Arrow is a classic, solid, tapered shape that performs well in small to medium sized cracks. The hot forged Lost Arrows are as light as possible for their given size, and are numbered for easy identification. 

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Product NameProduct CodeThicknessWeightColour
Lost Arrow Piton 1 BD52050014mm56gBlack
Lost Arrow Piton 2 BD52050026.3mm70gBlack
Lost Arrow Piton 3 BD52050037.9mm84gBlack
Lost Arrow Piton 4BD52050049.5mm99gBlack
Lost Arrow Piton 5BD52050054.7mm84gBlack
Lost Arrow Piton 6 BD52050066.3mm99gBlack
Lost Arrow piton 7BD52050077.6mm114gBlack