Beal Top Gun Dry 10.5mm

The Beal Top Gun is a durable dynamic climbing rope for heavy use. 
It is made with Unicore technology which joins the rope core to the sheath without compromising on flexibility and ease of use. Unicore technology eliminates sheath slippage, allows easy cutting of the rope if required and reduces rope shrinkage by more than 50% when exposed to water. It also allows safe escape should the sheath be cut. 
The Beal Top Gun is one of the best ropes on the market with a record number of UIAA falls for its 10.5mm diameter at 11. 
This is a hard-wearing rope for multi-purpose climbing use. 

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Product NameProduct CodeColourLengthImpact ForceSheathDynamic ElongationWeight
Top Gun Dry 10.5mmBABCA11.050BKBlack50m7.4kN40%37%68g/m
Top Gun Dry 10.5mmBABCA11.060BKBlack60m7.4kN40%37%68g/m
Top Gun Dry 10.5mmBABCA11.200BKBlack200m7.4kN40%37%68g/m
Top Gun Dry 10.5mm-Blue50m7.4kN40%37%68g/m
Top Gun Dry 10.5mm-Blue60m7.4kN40%37%68g/m
Top Gun Dry 10.5mm-Blue70m7.4kN40%37%68g/m
Top Gun Dry 10.5mm-Blue200m7.4kN40%v68g/m