Med Sled VLR

The Med Sled Vertical Lift Rescue stretcher offers a compact, lightweight and comprehensive rescue capability for remote and confined space environments.

The MED Sled VLR can be dragged, lifted horizontally or lifted vertically. It can be used on land or in water.

In addition, it has been tested by both the US Military and Canadian Search and Rescue and has passed all their air worthiness standards / requirements for both land and water rescues. 

The Med Sled VLR system deploys quickly, is intuitive to use and has a minimal training burden - these features all help to ensure that extraction is as fast as possible and make it perfect for use in less than ideal situations;  poor visibility, cold gloved hands, confined spaces or hot zones.

The stretchers are constructed from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which provides rigidity for patient stability and lifting. This is particularly useful when carrying out horizontal and high angle lifts. The stretcher bodies are very resistant to tearing, cutting and punctures.

The VLR stretcher has lifting straps built into the body that allow vertical or horizontal lifting to be carried out immediately after the patient is strapped in. A crucial advantage of the MED Sled is that the lifting system does not rely on the integrity of the HDPE body for safety because the straps run completely around, over and under the stretcher body to create a fully inter-connected webbing harness constructed out of mil-spec webbing that locks together with 18kN Cobra buckles. The lifting slings are rated to 4000kg.

There are two sizes available – 36 inch and 28 inch.  The 28 inch VLR offers the same attributes as the 36 but on a smaller 28 inch platform. It is easier to carry, lighter but there is less side protection.

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Suitable for remote and confined space environments.
Product NameProduct CodeColour
Med Sled VLR 30in Sled and BagMSMS30-RRed
Med Sled VLR 28in with Presto Buckles and Red BackpackMSMS28VLRPJ-RRed
Med Sled VLR 36in with Presto Buckles and Red BackpackMSMS36VLR-RRed
Med Sled VLR 28in PJ Red with HarnessMSMS28VLRPJHAR-RRed
Med Sled VLR 36in with HarnessMSMS36VLRHAR-RRed
Med Sled VLR System 36 Red MSMS36VLRSYS-RRed