P22 Double Rescue Machined Pulley

The Machined Mini Pulleys from Rock Exotica are designed and manufactured like no other pulley in the world. Starting out as a block of solid T6 aluminum, the sideplates for the pulley are milled in such a way as to leave material where it's needed most for strength. And because the sideplate starts out as a solid block, the axle for the pulley is left as an integrated part of the sideplate, further adding to its strength and overall rigidness. The integrated axle also allows the pulley to use a custom manufactured threaded bolt which is countersunk into the sideplate, giving the pulley a unique snag-resistant profile. These one-of-a-kind features are the basis for the Machined Pulley's impressive strength, slim profile and a quality of manufacture that is second to none.
Compared to the Mini Machined Pulley, the Rescue Pulley features a larger sheave diameter which allows for wider ropes up to a diameter of 13mm. 

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