Maritime operations demand the highest level of skill and commitment from the operators involved, margins of safety are often reduced by the environment and the pace required to achieve the objective. Therefore, the equipment provided for Maritime Operations must be of the highest quality across the board, robust, lightweight, intuitive in use and capable of functioning in the harshest of extremes.

Helix Operations works with only the best manufacturers of high-end vertical assault solutions, supported by cutting edge research and development to provide products which will perform on demand every time.

We provide a full range of ladders, telescopic poles, pneumatic poles, grapnel launchers and powered ascenders that can be used for both underwater and surface operations.

Training must also reflect the quality of our products and be suitable for the high tempo nature of maritime operations, training safely is extremely important. Helix Training can provide a range of training solutions to facilitate safe training provision as well as specialist courses for specific products in our range such as Grapnel Launchers and Powered Rope Ascenders.