About us - Tactical

A Complete Tactical Advantage

Helix Operations provides a complete capability for vertical access and rescue in mountain, maritime and urban environments.

We are based in the mountains of North Wales and have a heritage of over 30 years in supplying tactical climbing solutions to end users. Over that time, we have worked with and become a main supplier of tactical climbing equipment to the UK MOD and have provided equipment and systems to many other NATO friendly forces.

Helix Operations Ltd is part of the same group of companies as DMM International Ltd and the capability offered by our close relationship with DMM has been extended by partnering with manufacturers such as Henriksen REBS, HQH, CTOMS, Highnovate, Yates and Cadex to offer complete solutions for working at height in a tactical environment.

The capability we provide includes bespoke, externally accredited training programs that take best practices from industry and incorporate them into programs that work in operational environments.

Company Number: 10316654
DUNS: 221986629

Technical Knowledge

Helix Operations provides access solutions worldwide for security, defence, and rescue operations.

We provide equipment, systems and training to enable operators to work with speed, ease and safety when accessing objectives across a wide range of environments, mountain, urban or maritime.

Our core competencies are:
>            Mountain Operations
>            Urban Operations
>            Maritime Operations
>            Rescue and Casualty Evacuation

We have been closely involved with developing climbing systems for over 30 years and have used this experience to work with units to modify and develop climbing systems for the tactical environment which meet their operational requirements. We co-operate closely with teams to develop equipment and systems that deploy quickly, minimise weight, silhouette and noise whilst working with standard issue kit.

We can help teams to develop bespoke systems that will allow them to climb, rig, ascend, descend and haul on vertical terrain whether that is establishing an access point on top of a sea cliff or allowing operators to set up an OP on high ground. The rescue capability we offer extends from micro rope systems that allow teams to lower or haul casualties with a bare minimum of kit to systems that allow full 3-dimensional rescues to be performed on steep terrain.