Mountain Operations

Mountain Movement Operations

Mountain Operations


Helix Operations offer operators increased vertical access, mobility and assault capability in the mountains. We provide systems and training to allow dismounted troops to operate effectively and with increased capability on high or steep ground in the mountain environment. 

We provide solutions that enable enhanced movement, infiltration, intelligence gathering, load movement and force protection in highly complex terrain that is otherwise inaccessible. This capability increases the ability to control the dominant ground.

We have worked with units operating in the full range of conditions from hot, arid landscapes to the high alpine mountains. 

Helix Operations Mountain Movement Operations
DMM Mountain Rack
Helix Operations Mountain Movement Operations
Tactical Renegade Harness

The systems we provide allow units to move over mountain terrain, climb rock, ascend, rappel, navigate, haul supplies and cross ravines or fast flowing water. All with kit that will integrate with operational equipment whilst minimising the weight burden and pack size that needs to be carried.

This ability to deliver a cutting-edge capability derives from a heritage of almost 40 years manufacturing climbing equipment in the mountains of Snowdonia together with close ties to mountain rescue teams, mountain professionals and specialist mountain troops.

Our Mountain Movement Capability

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