Sterling 8mm Bound Loop Prusik

The Sterling 8mm Bound Loop Prusik provides progress capture, tandem prusik belay and optimal rope grab for rope rescue. It does away with bulky, time-consuming knots and is stronger with its sewn loop construction. The 8mm Prusik cord is sewn into either 40cm or 56cm loops. 
The bar-tacked join is covered with heat shrink tubing allowing the carabiner connection end to be pulled up snug around the carabiner. This keeps the connection point located near the spine of the carabiner (the strongest point) and prevents the prusik jumping up over the becket of a pulley during a dynamic event (as can happen with conventional ‘tied’ prusiks). 
The Sterling Bound Loop Prusiks are perfectly matched to prusik minding pulleys and can be used together (one 40cm and one 55cm) as a ‘tandem prusik".
  • 8mm Prusiks offer the greatest purchase on 11mm rope
  • Bound Loop Prusiks are very strong yet will not overload a system; the prusik will slip under excessive load
  • Bound Loop Prusiks negate the need for any mechanical rope grabs or ascenders in wilderness rescue kits
Available in 40cm (16 inch) and 56cm (22 inch) lengths

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Product NameProduct CodeLengthMBS RatingColourCertificationNSN Code
Sterling 8mm Bound Loop PrusikSTSC08032011641cm/16in20kN/4.496lbTealEN566:2017
Sterling 8mm Bound Loop PrusikSTSC08032041641cm/16in20kN/4.496lbBlackEN566:20174020-99-846-3909
Sterling 8mm Bound Loop PrusikSTSC08032042256cm/22in20kN/4.496lbBlackEN566:20174020-99-959-5200