Halite Weapons Case

Halite designed the Weapon Case with the aim to build a functional gun sleeve with the same protection as a hardcase. Through a complex construction design, the impact load can be spread and the chance of damaging optics and other vulnerable parts of the weapon is minimised. 
A combination of a thin hard HDPE frame with a high-density foam underneath spreads any load. Due to the fact that this weapon case is also 100% air tight, the air will give extra protection when inflated. 
Detachable shoulder straps can be mounted in two different heights which makes it easier to have on you back while in a vehicle, bike or boat. 
There are two different lengths available (90cm and 128cm) to fit most weapons. Both of these sizes will accommodate two weapons with a detachable mid sleeve. 
Technical Features 
  • Zipper: YKK AquaSeal #10, 300mBar airtight
  • Coating:Thick double sided TPU laminated
  • Fabric: 840 denier 6.6 HT Nylon
  • Foam:Dual density EVA shoulderstraps for comfort
  • Reinforcement: Vulcanized rubber
  • Frame: HDPE and EVA foam

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Product Name Product CodeVolumeColourWeightLengthWidthHeight
Halite Weapons CaseHAHLT0063-00490lCrocodile4500g90cm34.5cm13.5cm
Halite Weapons CaseHAHLT0063-00690lMulticam4500g90cm34.5cm13.5cm
Halite Weapons CaseHAHLT0053-004128lCrocodile5500g128.5cm34.5cm13.5cm
Halite Weapons CaseHAHLT0053-006128lMulticam5500g128.5cm34.5cm13.5cm