XSRE Range

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[{ "Product Name": "XSRE Mini Carabiner Black", "Product Code": "A531BLK", "EAN": "", "Colour": "Black", "Dimensions": "32 x 57mm", "Weight": "8g", "MBS (Major Axis)": "4kN", "Gate Opening (X)": "13mm", "Certification": "Not PPE" },{ "Product Name": "XSRE Mini Carabiner Matt Grey", "Product Code": "A531MG", "EAN": "5031290220262", "Colour": "Matt Grey", "Dimensions": "32 x 57mm", "Weight": "8g", "MBS (Major Axis)": "4kN", "Gate Opening (X)": "13mm", "Certification": "Not PPE" }]
  • Keylock nose eliminates snagging
  • I-Beam construction for optimum strength to weight ratio


    A fully featured miniature carabiner that can be used for any non-safety critical use you can think of.

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    XSRE Lock
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    [{ "Product Name": "XSRE Lock", "Product Code": "A532MG", "Colour": "Matt Grey", "Weight": "10g", "Dimensions": "35mm x 57mm", "MBS (Major Axis)": "4kN", "Gate Opening": "12mm", "Conformance": "Not PPE" }]
    • Symmetrical oval shape.
    • Improved snag-free rope piercing nose.
    • Anti-vibration screw gate version now available for added security.
    • Hot forged I-beam construction for high strength to weight ratio.

      XSRE Lock

      Everyone’s favourite accessory carabiner now has a screwgate locking option for added security. 

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      XSRE Lock Captive Bar
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      [{ "Product Name": "XSRE Lock Captive Bar", "Product Code": "A482CBMG", "Colour": "Matt Grey", "Weight": "12g", "Dimensions": "34 x 61mm", "MBS (Major Axis)": "4kN", "Gate Opening": "12mm", "Conformance": "Not PPE" }]
      • Symmetrical D shape
      • Removeable threaded captive bar
      • Anti-vibration screwgate version for added security
      • Hot forged I-beam construction for high strength-to-weight ratio

        XSRE Lock Captive Bar

        A locking XSRE carabiner with removeable captive bar to help ensure correct orientation and hold components securely.