Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

Helix Lightweight IED System
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[{ "Product Name ": "Helix Lightweight IED System", "Product Code": "HX--IED30M", "Weight": "890g" },{ "Product Name ": "Aramid Finger Reel (with 30m aramid 2mm cord and XSRE captive bar)", "Product Code": "HX-LRP002", "Weight": "140g" },{ "Product Name ": "DMM Micro Pulley", "Product Code": "PUL600", "Weight": "17g" },{ "Product Name ": "DMM XSRE", "Product Code": "A531BLK", "Weight": "8g" },{ "Product Name ": "DMM XSRE Lock", "Product Code": "A532MG", "Weight": "10g" },{ "Product Name ": "Accessory Micro Rig Plate", "Product Code": "RIG-XSRE-MG", "Weight": "10g" },{ "Product Name ": "DMM Micro Wallnuts 00 - 0.75", "Product Code": "A1600/59MG", "Weight": "30g" },{ "Product Name ": "DMM Dynatec Sling 8mm x 120cm", "Product Code": "SP08120BLK", "Weight": "20g" },{ "Product Name ": "Terrier", "Product Code": "C1385", "Weight": "73g" },{ "Product Name ": "Bulldog", "Product Code": "C1375", "Weight": "150g" },{ "Product Name ": "Helix HAL Pouch", "Product Code": "HX-HALPOUCH-BLK", "Weight": "-" }]
  • The lightest IED system available at just 890g.
  • Two 30m finger reels loaded with 2mm Aramid cord can be easily joined together to allow for 60m of line capability.
  • The system allows for a 5:1 mechanical advantage to be set up in the palm of your hand.
  • The pouch containing all the kit can be attached to the operators belt using standard molle.

    Helix Lightweight IED System

    The lightest IED kit available with a 3:1 and 5:1 mechanical advantage.