CTOMS M2 Leg Loops

The M2 leg loops have a patented attachment system that ensures the integrity of the harness is not compromised if the buckle is not closed properly.  The design also speeds up putting on the harness as well as allowing the user to  keep their feet on the floor whilst putting on the leg loops.  Comfort has been increased by adding lightweight padding to the leg straps. The support straps are now field replaceable.

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The user can don the leg loops whilst keeping both feet firmly on the ground
Product NameProduct CodeColourSizeWeight
CTOMS M2 Leg LoopsCT22031-M2-RGRanger GreenOne Size575g
CTOMS M2 Leg LoopsCT22031-M2-BLKBlackOne Size575g
CTOMS M2 Leg LoopsCT22031-M2-CBCoyote BrownOne Size575g