Sterling PowerCord 5.9mm

This accessory cord features a uniquely braided Technora Core which doubles the strength of a standard 5.9mm accessory cord.

Technora is a high-strength yet lightweight material which makes the PowerCord a great option for building anchors and haul lines. 

Recommended life span is 10 years or 2 years of use. 

This product can only be sold to military, police and government agencies.

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Product NameProduct CodeDiameterLengthColourMBS
PowerCord 5.9mmSTA060PC070505.9mm50mOrange19.7kN
PowerCord 5.9mmSTA060PC071005.9mm100mOrange19.7kN
PowerCord 5.9mmSTA060PC040505.9mm50mBlack19.7kN
PowerCord 5.9mmSTA060PC041005.9mm100mBlack19.7kN