Alpha 7 Aluminium Ladder

Specially designed with covert operations in mind the Alpha 7 Foldable Tactical Ladders are a versatile and modular access system that can be used as a leaning ladder, hanging ladder or bridge. 
They are compact, strong, simple to use and can be deployed and fully extended in seconds. Deployment is quiet especially when used with the optional rubber wall pads that dampen noise as well as increase stability. A specially designed MOLLE backpack harness system allows for easier transportation. 
Made from aviation grade aluminium with CNC precision machined parts. 
The ladder system is fully modular and the 109cm long sections can be added or removed to create bespoke ladder sizes for specific tasks – the ladder normally uses 3-6 of these segments and this gives access to heights from 3.20m (10.5ft) to an impressive 6.40m (21.4ft). If a hanging ladder is required the hook can be pinned quickly into place. 
We can supply a complete system comes which comes with 4 rubber feet, the hook system and a backpack together with the desired number of sections. 
Load Guidance
  • Leaning Usage – The Alpha 7 in 3 and 4 section use (AAA3/AAA4) can accommodate 3 operators simultaneously, when spread out accordingly (one operator on each section (bottom section, middle, top section)).  Overall, this provides a working load of 450kg, when this guidance is followed.  For 5 and 6 section use (AAA5/AAA6) the suggested use is 300kg spread accordingly. This ladder is extremely robust and has been tested above the recommended ratings.
  • Horizontal/Bridging Usage – Maximum of 250kg load across 2/3/4 sections (4 section maximum for bridging). The horizontal bridging format can be backed up with a safety line, if the environment and operating time allows. 
  • Hook Configuration - Alpha 7 ladders can be loaded up to 300kg in hook configuration, as long as the accompanying stand-offs are in place.

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Product Name Product CodeLengthWeight
Alpha 7 Aluminium 3.2 Meters A7AAA3-320-109-42-4SB3.2m / 10.49ft10.3kg / 22.5lb
Alpha 7 Aluminium 4.2 MetresA7AAA4-427-109-42-4SB4.27m / 14.28ft13.6kg / 30lb
Alpha 7 Aluminium 5.3 MetresA7AAA4-534-109-42-4SB5.34m / 17.85ft17kg / 37.5lb
Alpha 7 Aluminium 6.4 MetresA7AAA6-640-109-42-4SB6.4m / 21.42ft20.4kg / 45lb
Alpha 7 Aluminium 3.4 Meters Complete SystemA7AAA3-320-System 3.4m / 11.14ft-
Alpha 7 Aluminium 4.4 Meters Complete SystemA7AAA4-427-System4.4m / 14.4ft-
Alpha 7 Aluminium 5.5 Meters Complete SystemA7AAA4-534-System5.5m / 18.04ft-
Alpha 7 Aluminium 6.6 Meters Complete SystemA7AAA6-640-System6.6m / 21.65ft-
Alpha 7 Aluminium Short Adaptor with Rubber EndingA7AAA-SH95-ADPT-RBR9.5m / 3.7inch-
Alpha 7 Aluminium Hook and 2 Wall SpacersA7HKS-AAA--
Alpha 7 BackpackA7BCKS-MOLLE-AAA--