Atlas Tactical Ladder (ATL) Switchblade

The Atlas Tactical Ladder Switchblade (ATL) is a high strength aluminium collapsible Monopole Ladder system which combines the packable, height-conformable strength and tailor-ability of a ladder and bridge with the speed, efficiency, and security of a vertical/horizontal hoist-able patient litter.
A true multi-mission system designed for jump, maritime and urban hook and climb tactical access mission requirements which is built on a core Atlas Devices technology backbone. 
The system can be joined together to reach heights of 4.5-5.5 metres /15-18ft and the integrated handle enables effective patient manipulation and longer duration carries. 

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Product Name Product CodeWeight Deployed DimensionsStowed DimensionsTypical Reach HeightLoad Capacity
Atlas Tactical Ladder (ATL) Switchblade-3kg / 6.5lbs2.1m / 7ft 48.2 x 19 x 5cm / 19 x 7.5 x 2in4.6m / 15ft181kg-362kg / 400lbs - 800lbs