Atlas Tactical Ladder (ATL)

The ATL (Atlas Tactical Ladder) system features a sophisticated design optimised for an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio. This allows for durability, versatility, and minimum weight (4.5kg) without sacrificing strength or height. The innovative patented locking joint design enables not just the ability to rapidly deploy and stow the ATL, but also the ability to seperate the assembly into smaller sections to optimise load carry and length. This means that the ATL systems weight can be distributed among several people and rapidly reassembled on site. It can also be configured for shorter lengths or deployed as several ladders, making it a single solution for many different missions. The ATL can be joined to reach heights of 5-6m. 

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Product NameProduct CodeWeight Deployed DimensionsStowed DimensionsTypical Reach HeightLoad Capacity
Atlas Tactical Ladder HKBE0079964.5kg / 10lbs2.1m / 7ft 48.3 x 40.6 x 19cm / 19 x 16 x 7.5in4.6m / 15ft181-362kg / 400lbs-800lbs

Atlas ATL

Atlas Tactical Ladder Introduction