HQH LadCarb ATV/Quad Bridge

The LadCarb Carbon ATV/quad is an ultra-high modulus carbon fibre tube ladder which allows quad bikes of up to 650kg to cross ditches or brooks up to 3 metres long. It can also be used as a loading ramp, a single-track footbridge and as a multi-functional assault ladder which meets all requirements of the EN 1147 standard. 

The whole set can be transported on the ATV rack and be deployed by one man in less than 3 minutes. 

The standard set consists of six 4-rung sections which can be easily connected using ball-locking pins. Unique flexible connectors allow placing of track on uneven terrain. Anti-slip top and bottom endings not only protect the ends of stiles against damage but also allow use of the product as a leaning ladder.

Thanks to endurance of the structure, single or connected sections can also replace indispensable snow/sand recovery tracks.

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