The HQH LadCarb FIX-LITE provides more length options with reduced weight, to cover tactical operations that require several applications and ladder lengths. 
Two different sections comprising of 2 rungs and 3 rungs means that different length options of sectional ladders from 0.7 m up to 5.0 m (extended by one rung space of 0.3 m) are available. Using the Rail Extension Adapter, the length accuracy can be improved to 0.18 m. This smart feature makes the FIX-LITE SECLAD an ideal tool for attacking buses, trains and buildings with different level of windows. The small sectional sizes allow for easy storage and transportation, with simple one-man operation (full deployment in less than 1 minute). 
Shorter sections are an ideal solution for urban operations in confined space like ventilation ducts etc. In addition to this, these sections fit into a NATO approved parachuting container which can accommodate 3 m long ladder with accessories and other gear.
Ladder sections are secured by the universal spring-pin locks.

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