The HQH Ladcarb LDC is a unique multi system tactical assault ladder which features a wide range of functions. The most unique feature of this ladder is the single rails which can be connected together and used as a multi-purpose pole. Eight sections of ladder create a leaning or hook ladder whilst six sections can still be used as a safe bridge for loads up to 200kg. One single rung with the rough and durable anti-slip surface cover, withstands a load up to 500kg which allows the resue of persons by carrying over the shoulder. 

The standard 4.6m long ladder set consists of four sections which can be quickly and easily dismantled to single parts. The dismantled ladder then fits into a dedicated bag for storage or transport. 

The LDC is compatible with tactical hooks, window breaking tools, stand-off devices, evacuation kits and also with REBS tactical hooks. 

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Thanks to carefully selected dimensions and structural characteristics, the ladder is successfully certified as a rescue and access ladder for professional use.
Product NameProduct CodeColourLengthInner WidthStep Spacing
HQH Ladcarb LDC 4.6m M Standard System with Carry BagHQCL-LDC-CO-460-215-S / HQCL-LCB-CO-144-215-SBlack---
HQH Ladcarb LDC 1.2m SectionCL-LDC-SE-120-2020-SBlack---
HQH Ladcarb LDC including Top And Bottom EndingsHKBE000114Black 460cm355mm280mm
HQH Ladcarb Tactical Urban Hook AT (Titanium) v2HQCL-HAT-CO-034-221-SBlack
HQH Ladcarb Universal Tactical Hook Bt (Titanium)HQCL-HBT-CO-020-215-SBlack
Raptor HeadHQCL-RAA-CO-000-219-SBlack
Window Breaking HeadHQCL-WBH-CO-000-215-SBlack
Window Breaking Plate-LflHQCL-WBP-CO-001-215-SBlack
Window-Breaking Plate Carrying BagHQCL-WPB-CO-001-217-SBlack
Rescue/Stretcher Conversion KitHQCL-REC-CO-000-215-SBlack
Anti-Slip Top EndingHQCL-REC-CO-000-215-SBlack
Anti-Slip Bottom EndingHQCL-BPE-CO-000-215-SBlack
HQH Ladcarb Flexi Element for REBS Tactical HooksHKBE000266Black
Mobile Stand-Off Device with 150mm Extender CL-MSC-CO-000-215-S/HQCL-EXM-CO-015-215-SBlack