HQH LadCarb Maritime

The HQH Ladcarb Maritime ladder is a carbon fibre framed ladder for maritime operations. It is constructed from the most advanced axial fibre laying technology making it extremely light and strong.  The ladder is to be used alongside a dual titanium hook, replaceable stand-off devices, wire ladder connectors and lifting cone to create the ultimate access solution for vessel boarding. 
The ladder features slightly positive buoyancy whilst maintaining very good mechanical properties. All materials have been tested for use in marine environment and mechanical endurance tests show the ladder performing at + 60 degrees Celsius to - 40 degrees Celsius. 
Threaded inserts in the ladder stiles allow installation of standard stand-off extenders and titanium anchoring eyes at the bottom end of stiles allow installation of a wire rope extending ladder.
The 4.6m ladder consists of four sections which can be quickly and easily dismantled down to single parts for straightforward transportation and storage. 

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