HQH VBSS LadCarb Pole Ladder

A modular carbon fibre ladder that is compact and light, as well as being very robust. The system was designed for use in both Urban and Maritime environments. Each pole section is just 1m long which allows for easy transport in vehicles and facilitates covert use in confined, urban environments and in shallow water.

The ladder can be built up into a 4m length which when used with a hook and wire ladder, gives an effective length of 6m. The ladder can be used with a wide variety of hooks from both HQH and REBS with other accessories including wire ladders, flexible joints and stand offs. Weights are also available to counter the poles neutral buoyancy when diving.

Climbing the symmetrically installed rungs is fast, intuitive and secure in both boots and fins. The rungs have replaceable anti-slip tape.


The longer sections with asymmetrical rung layout are suitable for maritime VBSS operations. Easy transportation and one man assembly/operation mean the ladder is suitable for urban warfare and rescue operations. 


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