REBS Carbon Multi Ladder (CML)

The REBS Carbon Multi Ladder is a rigid, modular and multi-functional ladder system with a dual rail design. The system uses modular 90cm sections that can be locked together to create a ladder, stretcher or bridge. The CML can be used in multiple configurations such as being hung from an attachment point via a hook or hooks, leant against a wall, bridging a gap between buildings/containers or as a rigid stretcher with handles and a harness that holds the casualty securely. It is manufactured from carbon fibre for a combination of excellent rigidity and a light weight. The design was derived from the same advanced carbon fibre moulding techniques that are used to manufacture modern bike frames and optimizes carbon fibre properties to create a very strong monocoque frame where each 90cm section is moulded in one piece to minimise joins and weak spots. The ladder rungs are wide enough to easily get two boots onto a rung and all of the surfaces have a tough, high friction coating to make use as secure as possible. 

System Overview:

  • CML Section
  • Top Adapter with Pigg Release
  • Tactical Hook 7" and 10"
  • Flexielement
  • Wall Stand-off
  • Wire Ladder Wide 1.5m
  • Rubber Top
  • Rubber Foot
  • Backpack
  • Tactical Hook Dual 6.8"
  • Quick Release Pin 12x35mm
  • Stretcher Handle Female Left
  • Stretcher Handle Female Right
  • Stretcher Handle Male Left
  • Stretcher Handle Male Right
  • CML Top Adapter with Pigg Release, Step Fork and Rope Clamp
  • Bridge Line Kit
  • Angle Connector Left
  • Angle Connector Right
  • CML Step Fork
  • CML Rope Clamp

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Can be used as a leaning rung ladder to scale a wall, as a stretcher when two sections are connected together or as an efficient maritime boarding tool when used with the top adapter and hook.
Product NameProduct CodeColourMinimum Breaking Load (Hook Suspended)Section WeightSection LengthNSN Code
REBS CML SectionHKBE007564Black1000kg1.7kg0.9m5440251617438
REBS CML 5 sectionsHKBE007564-5Black5440-99-876-0776
REBS CML Hanging Maritime SystemHKBE007910----
REBS CML Urban Backpack SystemHKBE007911----
REBS Top Adapter with Pigg ReleaseHKBE007630Black---5340-99-355-6442
REBS Hook Tactical 7 inchHKBE004512Black---5340-99-982-0454
REBS Hook 10 inchHKBE005746Black---5340-99-156-8368
REBS Flexi Element HKBE004636Black---5340-99-474-9176
REBS Wall Stand OffHKBE007599Black---
REBS Wire Ladder Wide 1.5mHKBE002481Black ---
REBS Rubber TopHKBE007565Black---
REBS Rubber Top PairHKBE007565-2Black---9320-25-161-7441
REBS Rubber FootHKBE007566Black---
REBS Rubber Foot PairHKBE007566-2Black---5330-25-161-7460
REBS BackpackHKBE007687Black---8465-25-161-7439
REBS Hook Dual 6.8 inchHKBE004514Black---5340-99-279-9746
REBS Quick Release Pin HKBE007689Silver---5315-99-156-8362
REBS Stretcher Handle Top LeftHKBE000241Black---
REBS Stretcher Handle Top RightHKBE000242Black---
REBS Stretcher Handle Feet LeftHKBE000239Black---
REBS Stretcher Handle Feet RightHKBE000240Black---
REBS CML Top Adapter with Pigg Release, Step Fork and Rope ClampHKBE007567Black---
REBS Bridge Line KitHKBE007786Black ---
REBS Angle Connector KitHKBE007569Black---
REBS CML Step ForkHKBE007596Black ---