REBS Tactical Ladder

Fixed ladders, such as the Tactical Ladder are in many cases a more effective alternative than flexible ladders. The Tactical Ladder can be used in maritime operations and is also well suited for entering buildings or ledges in urban environments. It is extremely robust and is made from forged and anodized aluminium. With five ladder sections connected, along with the 1.5m Wire Ladder a total length of 10m can be acheived. Using the Wire Ladder alongisde the Tactical Ladder offers several advantages:

  • Provides compliance at the base of the rigid ladder, which ensures that the ladder deployment and climbing are efficient and ergonomic. 
  • Keeps the lowest step closer to the ground.
  • Provides additional reach as well as increased operational safety in a RIB/Boarding craft by reducing the likelihood of the boat jarring the ladder from its hold whilst riding alongside the target ship. 

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Product NameProduct CodeSection WeightSection LengthMax Breaking LoadTypical ReachColour
REBS Tactical Ladder Section HKBE0045112.3kg1.6m1000kg10mBlack
REBS Tactical Ladder Wall SupportHKBE006527----Black
REBS Tactical Ladder Base StabilizerHKBE006526----Black
REBS Tactical Single StepHKBE004515----Black
REBS FlexielementHKBE004636----Black
REBS Wire Ladder 1.5mHKBE002460----Black Silver
REBS Tactical Hook 7 Inch HKBE004512----Black
REBS Tactical Hook 10 InchHKBE005746----Black
REBS Dual Tactical Hook 6.8 InchHKBE004514----Black
REBS BagHKBE003342----Black