REBS Ultralight Pole Ladder Junior

The UPL Junior uses exactly the same construction techniques as the standard UPL but is just 0.85m long.
The UPL Junior does not have the built in stand-offs in order for it to be packed as compactly as possible – instead it uses push in pins that act as stand-offs.
The UPL junior uses the same system components - hook adapter / bottom step / wire ladder – as the standard UPL.

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Product NameProduct CodeColourLengthNSN Code
REBS Ultralight Pole Ladder Junior SectionHKBE000490Black0,9 m / 5.6 ft
REBS UPL Package 7 Inch HookHKBE000148Black-
REBS UPL Package 10 Inch HookHKBE000149Black-
REBS UPL Package Dual HookHKBE000150Black-
REBS Tactical Hook 7 InchHKBE004512Black-
REBS Tactical Hook 10 InchHKBE005746Black-
REBS Tactical Dual Hook 6.8 InchHKBE004514Black-
REBS Single StepHKBE00034Black-5440-99-349-7060
REBS Top AdapterHKBE008148Black-5340-99-616-0617
REBS Wire LadderHKBE002460Black-4240-99-564-0999
REBS Tactical Hook Handle HKBE000377Black-
REBS Transport BagHKBE000295Black-
REBS Ultra Light Pole (UPL) Ladder Junior (half) Section - Stand Off SpacerHKBE391088Black-