REBS Ultralight Pole Ladder (UPL)

The Ultralight Pole Ladder (UPL) is REBS's latest single stile ladder which is lighter, easier to stack and carry, and stronger.  Each UPL section is 1.7m and is molded using the latest in carbon fibre technology.  The system can reach up to 11m when the top adapter, five sections of 1.7m, an optional single step and 1.5m Wire Ladder are all connected. The quick connectors and modular design make the system safe, fast and easy to assemble. By attaching the 1.5m Wire Ladder, an extra 1.5m of height can be gained whilst also keeping the lowest step closer to the ground. In marine environments, the Wire Ladder also provides increased operational safety as the boarding craft will not be able to knock the ladder off its hold when riding on the waves. Climbing comfort and efficiency is taken into consideration with rubber tipped standoffs which provide good space for hands and feet.

System Overview:

  • Ultralight Pole Ladder
  • Tactical Hook 7" and 10"
  • Tactical Dual Hook 6.8"
  • Single Step
  • Top Adapter
  • Wire Ladder 1.5m 

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Easy to carry and stack meaning the ladder can be easily transported and built up to a required height.
Product NameProduct CodeColourWeight NSN Code
REBS Ultralight Pole LadderHKBE008007Black1.5kg 5440-99-364-1840
REBS UPL Package 7 Inch HookHKBE000148Black-
REBS UPL Package 10 Inch HookHKBE000149Black-
REBS UPL Package Dual HookHKBE000150Black-
REBS Tactical Hook 7 InchHKBE004512Black-5340-99-982-0454
REBS Tactical Hook 10 InchHKBE005746Black-5340-99-156-8368
REBS Tactical Dual Hook 6.8 InchHKBE004514Black-5340-99-279-9746
REBS Single StepHKBE00034Black-5440-99-349-7060
REBS Top AdapterHKBE008148Black-5340-99-616-0617
REBS Wire Ladder HKBE002460Black-4240-99-564-0999