Telesteps Rescue Telescopic Ladder

The Telesteps Rescue Telescopic Ladder is a fast access system that simply pulls out to the required length to get over walls and into first floor entrance points. 

It is the only telescopic ladder rated to take three heavily laden people at a time with a total weight of 500kg. 

It is also the only telescopic ladder to be certified to EN Rescue Standard EN 1147. There are several ladder standard; telescopic ladders sold in the EU should be certified to EN131 as a minimum – this is the standard for domestic or light industrial use, but these ladders rarely stand up to abuse for very long  and are only rated for one person at a time (150kg).

 EN 1147 is the standard for Rescue ladders and requires the ladder to be a lot more robust than those certified to EN131 – these ladders have been designed for rescue scenarios where a casualty is being carried down the ladder by two rescuers in challenging environments where speed is a priority and delicate handling of equipment unlikely.  

Available in two length and weight options. 

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Product NameProduct CodeWeight WidthLength ExtendedLength Closed Working HeightNSN Code
Telesteps Rescue Telescopic LadderTS70735-521B15kg0.47m3.5m1.12m4.3m-
Telesteps Rescue Telescopic LadderTS70741-521B19.2kg0.47m4.1m1.17m4.9m4240-99-911-3282