Dimensiontek Tactical Assault Cable Ladder

The Dimensiontek Tactical Cable Ladders are made using stainless steel aircraft cable and high grip anodized alloy ladder rungs. 
The 3.2mm/1/8" 304 Stainless Steel cable allows the ladder to be lighter whilst giving overall improved flexibility. 
Designed in conjunction with special forces operators ensuring that the ladder is suitable for demanding environments. They are resistant to corrosion from saltwater spray and immersion, making them suitable for maritime operations. 
The ladders have a very high rung strength - all decent wire ladders used for tactical operations have sides that are strong (~1000kgf), but the rungs are often substantially weaker, the DimensionTek ladders addresses this with class leading rung strength at 560kgf. 
Ladder standoffs are designed to create distance between the objective and ladder. The distance is enough for a fully gloved user to grip ladder rungs while ascending, no more climbing ladders on your toes or fingertips. Molded standoffs easily snap onto desired rung spacing without the use of any tools. Standoffs are supplied in kit form.
The ladder is easily rolled and stowed away for transportation and storage. 
Custom lengths are available. 
  • Top Loop - Single or double with Stainless Steel eyelet(s)
  • Cable Material – 3.2mm/1/8" 304 Stainless Steel 
  • Cable Strength – 1170kgf/2600 lbs rated strength. 
  • Rung Strength – 560kgf/1250 lbs yield and 1000kgf/2200 lbs failure. 
  • Stowed Configuration - Rolled 
  • Materials - Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminium

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Product Name Product CodeLengthWeightRung SpacingNSN Code
Dimensiontek Tactical Assault Cable Ladder-4.6m / 15ft2.5lbs / 1.13kg30.5cm / 12in4240-01-710-5607
Dimensiontek Tactical Assault Cable Ladder-10.7m / 35ft5.6lbs / 2.5kgs30.5cm / 12in4240-01-698-8583
Dimensiontek Tactical Assault Cable Ladder-15.2m / 50ft8.2lbs / 3.7kg30.5cm / 12in 4240-01-710-5604
Dimensiontek Tactical Assault Cable Ladder Optional Standoff Kit---- 5340-01-710-5612