Lyon Wide Wire Ladder

The Lyon Wide Wire Ladder is a general purpose flexible ladder with variants that are suitable for tactical urban and maritime use. 

Manufactured using 270mm wide aluminium alloy rungs attached to 4mm diameter steel wire sides, the Wide Wire Ladder is wide enough for both feet to be comfortably placed and removed easily, and allows positioning whilst carrying out a task. 

The Wide Wire ladder is completely customisable and can be made with different options for length up to 15m, rung spacings, rung types and side materials. 

Available with two side wire options including 4mm galvanised and 4mm stainless steel. Stainless steel being the most commonly chosen option for tactical use. 

The rung options include plain silver alloy, black anodised aluminium alloy and knurled black anodised aluminium alloy. Whilst the plain silver alloy is standard for most civilian applications, the black anodised rung provides additional corrosion resistance and the high grip, knurled finish proves the best performance in wet conditions. The knurled black finish is the most popular choice for tactical users. 

Two rung spacings are available - 25cm and 30cm; 25cm rung spacing is recommended for users who climb a lot in difficult conditions or who carry a lot of heavy equipment whilst the 30cm spacing is lighter and less expensive. 

The Wide Wire ladders are available with the following options for rungs and sides:

Plain alloy rungs with wire sides - 4mm galvanised steel wire rope sides. The standard for most applications and easy to clean. 

Black anodised rungs with wire sides - alloy rungs with satin black finish and 4mm stainless steel wire rope sides. Providing additional corrosion resistance e.g for use in marine environments. 

Black high grip rungs with wire sides - as above, but with a knurled finish for improved grip. 

An important accessory is the stand-off - the Diskret attaches to the rungs at key points to keep the steps away from the surface that is being climbed and allow feet proper purchase on the rungs; normally a pair is used every 3m of ladder length. 

The Wide Wire ladder can be fixed to an attachment point using the Lyon Wire Ladder Belay or Y Spreader. The Wire Ladder Belay fixes the ladder to a large circumference anchor point such as an I-beam, whilst the Y Spreader allows the ladder to be fixed to a single point. 

Overall the Compact series of ladders are compact, light and easy to transport ladders which can be rolled up and carried one handed. They are ideal for use in confined and irregular shaped spaces where conventional ladders can't be deployed due to bulk and rigidness. 

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Product NameProduct CodeColourRung Spacing
Lyon Wide Wire LadderLYLO 4 01 25 WASilver-Black25cm
Lyon Wide Wire LadderLYLO 4 01 25 WGSilver-Black25cm
Lyon Wide Wire LadderLYLO 4 01 25 WSABlack25cm
Lyon Wide Wire LadderLYLO 4 01 30 WASilver-Black30cm
Lyon Wide Wire LadderLYLO 4 01 30 WGSilver-Black30cm
Lyon Wide Wire LadderLYLO 4 01 30 WSABlack30cm