LadCarb Carbon Segmented Pole

The LadCarb carbon segmented poles consist of eight segments and are available at two varying lengths. At full extension these lengths are 3.2m and 5.3m.

Light and yet still strong, these carbon segmented poles are secured by spring-pin locks. This assures a firm connection to the pole in its entirety.

The user can manipulate the pole into all directions via pulling, pushing and rotation.

An M8 female thread furnishes the end tip allowing for installation of a wide variety of accessories and adapters.

A stainless steel eye is equipped at the rear end. A wide collar prevents skidding.

This carbon pole also includes anti-slip cover of the rear two segments allowing for a firm grip of the pole.

Each pole is delivered in a black CORDURA bag. Made from 100 % AFL Carbon Composite Tubes

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Product NameFull LengthCollapsed LengthWeightMax. load – Horizontal lifting Max. load – Pull/Push SectionsColour
LADCARB carbon segmented pole 3.2m 0.45m 0.75kg 7kg 15kg 8Black
LADCARB carbon segmented pole 5.3m 0.7m 1.15kg 3kg 15kg 8Black