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Personal Protective Equipment Regulations (PPER 1992) is a regulation set out by HSE that places a duty on every employer in Great Britain to ensure that suitable PPE is provided to ‘employees’ who may be exposed to a risk to their health and safety while at work.

From the 6th April 2022, this duty extends to ‘limb (b)’ workers. Limb (b) workers are described as ‘workers who generally have a more casual employment relationship and work under a contract for service’ (PPE) at work regulations from 6 April 2022. Previous to this amendment they did not fall under the scope of PPER 1992 regulations.

Employers will now need to look at their own workforce to consider if the above changes apply to them. If a work based or activity risk assessment states that PPE is required to carry out certain activities then the employer must prepare to implement the provision of PPE (free of charge) and the means to store the PPE correctly, the maintenance and inspections regimes and replacement.

Helix Operations provide three separate courses to all users and inspectors of PPE. We run courses from our own facility in North Wales and can offer closed courses to a specific group of individuals at a location suitable to our end users which can be beneficial if some of the kit you use is more specific to your industry. Our courses run with two consultants meaning students get the highest level of tuition over the duration of the courses.

Please email training@helixoperations.com for course information and bookings.

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