Military & Tactical Chest Harnesses

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Helix C2 Chest Harness [{ "Product Name": "Helix C2 Chest Harness", "Product Code": "ED88008BLK", "EAN": "", "Colour": "Black", "Size": "One Size", "Certification": "-" },{ "Product Name": "Helix C2 Chest Harness", "Product Code": "ED88008KHA", "EAN": "", "Colour": "Khaki Green", "Size": "One Size", "Certification": "-" }]
  • Connects to a waist harness with a bridge sling
  • Fully adjustable
  • Very low bulk

    Helix C2 Chest Harness

    A lighweight fully adjustable harness that can be worn under or over plate carriers

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    Chest Harness [{ "Product Name": "Chest Harness", "Product Code": "CHESTHMCO", "Colour": "Mulicam Original", "Size": "One size", "Weight": "310g", "Waist (in)": "30 -45", "Waist (cm)": "75 - 115", "Certification": "EN 12277:2015 Type D" },{ "Product Name": "Chest Harness", "Product Code": "CHESTHMCA", "Colour": "Multicam Arid", "Size": "One size", "Weight": "310g", "Waist (in)": "30 -45", "Waist (cm)": "75 - 115", "Certification": "EN 12277:2015 Type D" },{ "Product Name": "Chest Harness", "Product Code": "CHESTBLK", "Colour": "Black", "Size": "One size", "Weight": "310g", "Waist (in)": "30-45", "Waist (cm)": "75-115", "Certification": "EN 12277:2015 Type D" }]
    • ABS Buckles for ease of fitting and removal
    • Colour coded tie-in points for easy location
    • Two gear loops for racking options
    • Fully Adjustable for a wide range of fit

      Chest Harness

      A chest harness that gives extra support if inversion is likely.

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      Helix C3 Chest Harness [{ "Product Name": "Helix C3 Chest Harness", "Product Code": "ED88100BLK", "Colour": "Black", "Size": "One Size" }]

        Helix C3 Chest Harness

        Provides better stability when full climbing functionality is required. 

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        Helix R3 Chest Harness [{ "Product Name": "Helix R3 Chest Harness", "Product Code": "ED88100BLK", "Colour": "Black", "Size": "One Size" },{ "Product Name": "Helix R3 Chest Harness Ascender", "Product Code": "ED88911", "Colour": "Black", "Size": "One Size" }]

          Helix R3 Chest Harness

          Fully adjustable chest harness made from synthetic mesh to minimise bulk. 

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