Rolatube Poles

REBS Rolatube
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[{ "Product Name": "REBS Rolatube", "Product Code": "HKBE003656", "Length": "3m", "Weight": "1.2kg", "Typical Reach Height": "5m", "Colour": "Black" },{ "Product Name": "REBS Rolatube", "Product Code": "HKBE003540", "Length": "5m", "Weight": "2.6kg", "Typical Reach Height": "7m", "Colour": "Black" }]
  • A composite roll out tube that becomes a rigid pole for placing hooks, which is easily pack-able.
  • An adapter allows a hook to be re-positioned and removed smoothly by using the Rolatube.
  • The Rolatube can be used in many situations and for different purposes besides boarding.

    REBS Rolatube

    A versatile tool that can be used in boarding, urban operations, and beyond. It is suitable as a stop mast, signal mast, for surveillance or any other uses where a portable pole is needed.