REBS Rolatube

The Rolatube is a unique composite roll out tube that becomes a rigid pole for placing hooks when climbing while remaining easily packable. The Rolatube is very easily deployed both in an urban environment and sub-surface in dive operations. The unique composite incorporates a memory that enables extremely compact roll-up storage and instant semi-rigid deployment. The Rolatube hook adapter releases from the Rolatube pole after the hook is placed. The adapter also allows the hook to be repositioned and removed by using the Rolatube Pole. Combining the Rolatube pole with the top adapter and the wire ladder results in a very portable climbing system with great versatility, low weight, and excellent reach. 

The packages available are:

Rolatube 5m Package

  • Rolatube 5m 2.5" Tube
  • 7m Wire Ladder
  • Rolatube Top Adapter Large with 5" Titan Hook
  • Bag for Wire Ladder

Rolatube 3m Package

  • Rolatube 3m 2" Tube
  • 5m Wire Ladder 
  • Rolatube Top Adapter with 2.5" Titan Hook

The packages are extremely compact when stored and easily fit into a backpack. The Rolatube can be used in many situations and for different purposes besides boarding. It is suitable as a stop mast, a signal mast, for surveillance, or any other uses where a portable, compact and collapsile pole is needed.

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The packages are extremely compact when stored and easily fit into a backpack making for easy storage and transport.
Product NameProduct CodeLengthWeightTypical Reach HeightColour
REBS RolatubeHKBE0036563m1.2kg5mBlack
REBS RolatubeHKBE0035405m2.6kg7mBlack