Rescue Training


Helix understand that first class equipment is only one part of the equation and that without a trained operator or user it is unlikely to be utilised to its full potential.  That is why Helix also offer training packages alongside complete equipment systems and kit. Rope Rescue training can be delivered through a range of options; from courses for the operator, maintainer or supervisor, through to bespoke courses covering specific scenarios.  These training courses are accredited by Helix and through external validation depending on the end user requirement and course syllabus.

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Our courses

  • Rope Rescue Operator (RRO)

    Introduces the knowledge and skills required by personnel to operate safely and effectively during rope rescues. 

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  • Rope Rescue Technician (RRT)

    Covers concepts and techniques to enable small teams to undertake technical rope rescues.

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  • Rope Rescue Specialist (RRS)

    Designed for rope rescue team members who have already completed a comprehensive basic training and now want to specialise.

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  • Rope Rescue Operator Instructor (RROI)

    Trains Instructors to deliver the Safe Working at Height, Co-worker Rescue and Rope Rescue Operators courses. 

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  • Canine Work at Height (WAH)

    Enables operators to safely access hard to reach and remote areas and work at height safely with their dogs.

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  • Safe Working at Height (SWAH)

    Provides insight into the dangers that workers face when working at height. 

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  • Co-worker Rescue at Height (CWRH)

    Trains individuals to deal with the situation where a colleague has fallen and is hanging in his fall protection system.

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  • Arizona Vortex Workshop

    Explore and understand the use of the Arizona Vortex tripod for use in mountain and urban environments. 

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  • Helix Personal Egress System Operator (HPES-O) 

    A one-day course to train operators to use the Helix Personal Egress System. 

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  • Helix Personal Egress System Instructor (HPES-I)

    A one-day course to train experienced individuals to deliver instruction in the use of the Helix Personal Egress system. 

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  • Bespoke and CPD Packages

    Bespoke training packages available on request for when operational needs are not met by the more conventional course listing.

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  • Work at Height (WAH) Awareness for Managers

    For managers or those in a supervisory position who oversee the organisation and planning of a team of individuals whose job role requires them to work at height.

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