K-Pro Rope Protector

The K-Pro is lightweight rope protector which provides superior cut and abrasion protection to ropes with diameters from 5mm to 16mm.
The high level of protection comes from combining an internal Aramid layer that sits between two layers of heavy-duty canvas. This gives far greater protection to the rope especially on the sharp right angle edges often encountered in urban environments. Plus, the Aramid offers far greater heat protection than canvas, polyester or nylon fabrics.
The K-Pro and Pro Pad were developed by an IRATA Level 3 technician in order to get the maximum amount of protection with the minimum size and weight when working on the oil rigs with lots of sharp metal edges and hot pipes.
The rope protector is placed around the rope, closed with Velcro and has two cords that can be attached to external anchors or attached via a prusik knot onto the rope. 
Available in 50cm or 80cm lengths.

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