DMM Worksafe Plus 11mm

The Worksafe Plus consists of high quality polyamide providing a robust and compact static rope which is easy to transport and store. This soft handling rope features high breaking forces despite its extremely low weight, and is protected against abrasion and ingress of dirt. 
A tighter weave on the mantel increases abrasion resistance and durability for improved compatibility with rope grabs and devices.
The rope can be supplied terminated on request. 
  • Weight- 75g/m | 0.05 lbs/ft
  • Stretch 3%
  • Standard EN1891 Type A

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Product NameProduct CodeColourDiameterLengthWeight (g/m)Minimum Breaking StrengthElongationSheath PercentageBraidCertificationTermination PossibleNSN Code
Worksafe Plus Sewn TerminationRP911BK38-T1Black11mm38m75g/m32kN4.8%35%32EN 1891:1998 Type A4020-99-305-0263
Worksafe PlusRP911WI-50White/red/grey11mm50m75g/m32kN4.8%35%32EN 1891:1998 Type AYes
Worksafe PlusRP911BK-50Black11mm50m75g/m32kN4.8%35%32EN 1891:1998 Type AYes
Worksafe Plus Sewn TerminationRP911BK80-T1Black11mm80m75g/m32kN4.8%35%32EN 1891:1998 Type A4020-99-564-1055
Worksafe PlusRP911BK-100Black11mm100m75g/m32kN4.8%35%32EN 1891:1998 Type AYes4020-99-156-8418
Worksafe Plus Sewn TerminationRP911BK100-T1Black11mm100m75g/m32kN4.8%35%32EN 1891:1998 Type A
Worksafe PlusRP911BK-200Black11mm200m75g/m32kN4.8%35%32EN 1891:1998 Type AYes
Worksafe PlusRP911BK-700Black11mm700m75g/m32kN4.8%35%32EN 1891:1998 Type AYes